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October 21, 2013


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E-mail is working today.


I'm thinking about you today, as always. xoxoxo, Liz

Jill Cooper

Jeanne, hope you are doing ok, you are in my thoughts...Jill


Dear Jeanne -
Hope it is the computer funk keeping you quiet and the funk has not spread to you again!

Wishes for a peaceful time at B-B House.


The funk is me for now. Will write more when I can.

Lisa O

Thinking of you today Jeanne and praying for you.
Big hugs

joanne bell

hi, jeanne from joanne in michigan.


I miss you, Jeanne. Much love, Liz


Sending you Omaha howdies, Jeanne. I hope the sky shots I have sent remind you of the great times we had on the plains together (grin!). Love and hugs to you.


Jeanne, you don't know me but I've been following your blog for awhile now. I've been praying for you & bringing you to mind quite often. I hope you are more settled now, in your new surroundings, and I pray they are keeping you comfortable.

God bless~ Andrea


Thinking of you every day. I'm hoping you are being cared for well and that you are at peace and with friends.

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