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October 06, 2013


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hi sweeties. i am holding you in my thoughts. i am reading jeannes blog from the very beggining. i found it about a week ago. i was diagnosed in june 2012. stage 3c. so i am a patient they said asks too many questions! so i just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done on your blog, and for sharing your experience with us, it is an invaluable resource, and actually quite fun to read,too. i am 53 years old. if it is impossible to love someone that you have never met, i will just have to admire your fiestyness of spirit instead. you are an inspiration to me. gentle hug, and a metaphysical handshake for all you have accomplished. still want one of those pink buttons you made!


Jeanne, wishing you well - more strength & energy in the days to come & depression continuing to lift. You are so amazingly inspirational in your struggles with this disease.

Karen Blair

Hi Jeanne! I took our newer dog to the dog park today. Mindy is, we think, a Tibetan Spaniel. She was found tied to a fence in August, and I happened to be home and on Facebook that day because our water pipes were being swapped out for copper. Long story. So Mindy was being spayed that day and I adopted her three days later. Her paws are huge. I thought, wouldn't it be funny if she is going to grow as large as the dog in the Beethoven movies? I always wanted a Tibetan Spaniel and since miracles happen every day, it must have been my day for a miracle. Anyway, Mindy came home covered in mud and very happy. I am Karen from New Jersey, I've had breast cancer twice. That's the sucky part of my life. But then, there are those miracle moments like getting the perfect parking spot, or seeing Mindy on Facebook for the first time. Hugs to you, Jeanne, from a lady for whom Flat is the New Black! I think you rock!!


Thanks for being there, Gretchen. Thanks for still being you, Jeanne. Love.


So glad Gretchen is able to be with you in person while we in internet-land are so far away. Sending love, light, and as much healing laughter as you have energy for.

I want to tell you how much your blogs have helped me over the years. Sometimes, you've helped me see my own strength; other times to see how even 'futility' has its uses.

This year as I started learning to be a chaplain, over and over again I found myself thinking about something you had written and using your thoughts to help me help a patient in distress.

One of the first things I remember reading (and I may be recalling it incorrectly, but what I thought I read is what worked for me anyway) ... was the idea that when you first got your diagnosis you set your intention to live to see your boys reach adulthood. I was reading this six or seven years later, and I recall thinking that, given the situation at the moment I was reading (maybe this was during travel to California for that drug trial?), that it seemed unlikely.

But you did it! Sometimes when I'm facing something that feels difficult to me, I remember that: you said you wanted to live long enough, and you did it.

Many, many Blessings to you, Jean, from whatever Gods may be.

Just sign me: Pagan Chaplain

Mary Ann

Jeanne I am thinking about you and sending all kinds of good wishes. I hope you get that nausea under control soon. I'm glad you have good friends around you. That is such a blessing. Hugs -Mary Ann

Susan L

Jeanne - I have never met you, spoken to you, or written to you. But I have followed your blog for many years now, rooting for you and admiring your indefatigable spirit. I think there may be thousands, even millions, of me out here wishing you the best. Your blog has a permanent and forever spot in my "bookmarks." It is an important piece of work and will stand the test of time.

lopsided blogger

I am sorry this is so hard. I am sorry I am too far away to do anything but write some words. I am thankful for the Gretchens, who can do more and who do. That has to be the most important thing in the world. I am thinking about you Jeanne and wishing you peace.


So glad to hear you are with Jeanne, Gretchen. I wish I could be. Sending good thoughts from Massachusetts.


Jeanne, I wish I lived in the area and could give you in-person, hands-on support. You have guided so many of us through the shoals of breast-cancer treatment. Wishing you ease and comfort, Megan


Jeanne, I hate reading that you in such a weak state but am glad you are able to read comments because I have a lot to say to you! I think of you every day and am incredibly glad we met here on your blog. My daughter loves her kitty trash can charm bracelet and we talk about you when she wears it. You have been my rock over the past six years and I wish I could do more than send a comment to pay back all you've done for me!

Jill Cooper

Jeanne, sending hugs and good thoughts your way from Michigan...hope you are feeling a little bit better soon.


You are in my heart. You have taught me so much about connectedness. Remember your garden in the sky…Younger son’s tree house you used for overflow when you ran low on garden space. Jeanne you are a bright light and you are you forever. Gretchen, please squeeze Jeanne’s hand for me. Thank you for being there for my dear friend. (((Hugs))) Janice

Linda Lang

Jeanne, I continue to think about you every day. I hate knowing that you are not doing well. You and your blog have been my rock during my mother's illness. You cannot know how important it has been to me. You will always be an inspiration for many of us. I wish you comfort and blessings.

Ed Arabas


I "met" you in 2007, when I was in treatment for stage 3c colon cancer. I admired your feistiness, and your clarity, and your complete dedication to saying it as it is. You are a hero for me.

I stayed with you and your blog through the unhappy times, and celebrated your victories from a distance. I looked to you for energy during my second bout with metastatic cancer in my liver in 2011. I shared tears of frustration over delayed information from doctors, and I welcomed a bracelet you made into my life. I will always have that to focus on when I am troubled and need your energy.

I have never met you in person, but I find that I need to tell you I love you. You have been a presence in my life, and I am forever changed.




Thinking about you all the time Jeanne. You have had such a positive impact on the lives of so many of us living with metastatic breast cancer. You should be proud. I also love that you have people who love and care for you around you now. Listen to them. I will continue to think about you and check this space. Laurie from Ottawa, Canada


Hi, Jeanne. I continue to check in with your blog even though we haven't spoken in person in years. Thanks for being so honest about what you are thinking and feeling. I am thinking of you this week and remembering our dragonboating escapades so many years ago.


Thank you Gretchen for being there.

Sather Sensei, Jeanne, I've read your blog over the years & have always amazed at how you "kept it real". It must seem like a million miles from your UH days, eh? The following are lyrics from a Brian McKnight song that I dedicate to you...
I'll never give up
Never give in
Never let a ray of doubt slip in
And if I fall
I'll never fail
I'll just get up and try again

Never lose hope
Never lose faith
There's much too much at stake
Upon myself I must depend
I'm not looking for place or show
I'm gonna win

No stopping now
There's still a ways to go, oh
Someway, somehow
Whatever it takes, I know
I'll never quit, no no
I'll never go down, mm, mm
I'll make sure they remember my name
A hundred years from now

In Gassho


I love reading all the comments here. Sometimes it feels crazy that someone I know electronically has made such an enormous impact on my life, but here I read all the others' words and I know it's for real. It isn't crazy. You have always been focused on all of us, in our turn, and have always helped. You helped me with cancer stuff and even more -- you know what I'm talking about. My life is so much better because we have been friends. Thinking of you tonight as I listen to the waves and will think of you forever. xxoo

Dana Isherwood

I only met you once when you were giving us all lessons on blogging at the TS retreat. Little did I know that I was being taught by a true expert. Over the years checking your blog became a habit. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. Thank you Gretchen for being Jeanne's voice. Love and many hugs to you both.


Wishing you much peace. Thank you, Gretchen, for being there with Jeanne - and Jeanne, thanks for being you and for your great unselfishness in thinking of your readers (including people like me whom you've never met). In the years since my 2008 dx, your blog has made me laugh and cry and think and rage. Thank you.


Jeanne, I know you are struggling, and glad you have friends there that can relay your status to us. I can relate to your depression; am feeling it myself-like a turtle withdrawing into its shell and resisting all entreaties to come out. Wish I had an answer, but at least know we are all pulling for you to come out of that shell bit by bit. Take care.


Very beautiful words for sure. I have a friend from Phoenix who after a five year battle lost the fight and she never gave up hope or her faith in god. She was an amazing woman who even while doing chemo went with her church group to Uganda and helped the children there for a full month. She held on to see the birth of her second grand daughter, hold her and feed her. She was such an inspiration to me and I will really miss our late night chats. I have not read all of your posts yet, Jeanne but you sound like a spunky lady like my friend was. All my love and prayers for you - Saskie

Sharon Davy

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I was dx: breast ca, Stage 3-C in 2009. I have been a follower of your blog and have loved 3 pair of your beautiful earrings.
Light on your path, Sharon

Diana Barnes

Jeanne: You have been so brave and upfront on your many journeys: school, Japan, free-lancer, writing teacher, journalist, health blogger, single mom. You invited us along on your cancer journey, shedding light as the path twisted and turned on itself, then marched up the hills and slid down into the valleys.

As someone said above, now it is our turn to create light for the next part of your journey. We link our paths with you and gently hold you in our arms for a while. As we share our memories, all the people you have touched, cradle you for a moment in love.


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