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November 09, 2013


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Thank you, Robin, and pass on to your mom our gratitude for her insightful, articulate blogging all these many years. I hope she's able to be pain-free and as peaceful as possible. Warm regards to you both, Gloria


Thank you for letting us know.
As readers of your mom's blog, we all know how much she loves you.
Love from Massachusetts.


thank you robin for sharing this update with us even though this must be a very difficult time.

your mum continues to inspire me. her journey is remarkable and her spirit fierce.

sending you all thoughts of love.



I'm so sorry, and please tell your Mom the same. I too have been much impressed with the ferocity of her spirit, and how through it all she has been so willing to share her journey with us, often with pluck, aplomb and good humor (even though it's not likely she was feeling all that plucky at the time). There aren't many people who could pull that off, but she's done it in spades. Please give her a big warm hug from Jen, and here's one for you too, Robin. (((xx)))


I'm so sorry to hear that. I've been following your mother for years.

We all knew this day would come, but...Dammit.

Please know I am thinking of both you and Jeanne, and wish for her to go in peace.

Lisa O

Thank you Robin for thinking of us during what must be a very hard time for you. I am praying for Jeanne and will be praying for you as well.
Much love

Cathy FLoit

Robin, we are very sorry. Much love to you and your mom.

Cathy & Steve


I'm so sorry Robin! Your mom helped me so much during my moms cancer and after I lost her. Please give your mom love from me...my name is Robbi and my mom was also named Jeanne. Thank you for the update. My heart hurts. Love you Jeanne!


Much love to you and Jeanne, Robin. Whenever I visited her she loved to talk about you and showed me many pictures of you and your brother. My heart is breaking.-Liz


Hi Robin, thank you for taking the time to update us. Lifting you up in prayers. May God be with you at this very difficult time.


Much love and peace


I found this blog today while searching for info about the experience of cancer from a patient's perspective. I am a nurse who will soon work in radiation oncology. Your mother's writings are invaluable for people like me, and I am deeply grateful to have stumbled across them. Your mother is a strong, beautiful, intelligent, and insightful woman. Her voice will continue to positively impact others even after her earth journey ends, and I just wanted to say thank you.


Thank you Robin for taking time to share this sad news with us all. I have found your mother's wisdom and tenacity inspiring. She has given me the strength to live life fully inspite of this disease - to find moments of joy in the day. I hope, Jeanne, that you are at peace...x


I'm so sorry to read this news. Thank you, Robin, for taking the time to share it with us. My heart goes out to you during this very difficult time.


Robin, I'm so sorry. Your mother is an icon in the breast-cancer community, writing frankly about her experience. She has been a good friend to her breast cancer sisters, even those she has not met in person, like me. Megan

Kathie green

Thank you, Robin, for sharing this very sad news - Jeanne's silence had been telling. I wish your Mom safe travels and you tender memories of your courageous Mom. She helped many by sharing her journey.

Kathie Green


More love from Massachusetts. Your mom has been a big support for me. She is in my prayers.

Sharon Davy

Love and light on your path.


Robin, Your mom is an amazing life force who has touched the lives of so many. I'm sending lots of love to both of you at this very difficult time.



Thanks Robin for updating the blog. I have been watching to see if she would be able to update us on her condition. I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know what is happening. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


Cancer sucks. Thank you Robin. I wish you and your mom and family peace and the comfort of happy memories.

A longtime fan,



Thanks for sharing this Robin. I know this is not an easy thing for a young man. I want you to feel that we are there with you, holding her hand through this difficult time, hoping for a peaceful transition.


Thank you for the update, Robin. I've been a reader and a mostly quiet supporter for years, and I'm sending you, your mom, and all of her wonderful friends my love.


Robin, sending love and comfort to you and your mom. I know that your mom has several close friends who live nearby, but if there's anything at all that I can do to help you or your mom, email me at susancarrier AT sbcglobal.net


So very sorry to read this terrible news.:(

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