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December 16, 2013


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Lisa O

Thank you so very much for sharing this precious last post. I can just "hear" her in the letter and am missing her so. Crying tears of sadness that the world lost such a special lady.

Brian Walin

Tonight I say a little prayer for Jeanne and all the things she has helped me through over our many years of friendship. I miss her brutal honesty. She helped me edit my cancer blog and even added so much to a story I wrote about what it's like to die, written from the perspective of Bob Pemberton who passed away from oral cancer before we even finished the 3 part story. Dead Man Talking:


Without Jeanne this story would not have been so meaningful and a wonderful tribute to a courageous man.

I was so saddened to hear Jeanne's fight had ended and no braver a person I know fought so hard for her independence and survival. As a fellow cancer patient she touched me in so many ways as I know she did all of you who knew her and followed her story. We never met, but talked a few times on the phone and I even managed to have a little umbrella cocktail sent to her as a surprise during a well deserved vacation to say thank you for her kindness.

I don't write much on my blog anymore as my cancer is not active and too many times I go to contact one of my readers who became a friend only to find out they are gone and I sink into a deep depression. Survivor's remorse perhaps or just too overwhelming to deal with it. It's taken me this long just to write something for Jeanne.

She has written so much, but nothing (for me) was more touching than the story we worked together on. She was one of the participants as well as edited the story for me which was even picked up by a few other cancer websites. Though I was never as good a writer as Jeanne, I always tried extra hard to do a good job because I knew she would be watching and reading. She helped me to be a better writer and a more informed cancer patient.

Jeanne I hope you know how much we all enjoyed you while you were here. Keep the lights aglow, we'll see you soon to sing carols with the choir.

Sleep in Heavenly peace,

Ann, from But Doctor I Hate Pink

I hadn't read Jeanne's blog in a while as she had seemed to slow down her writing. I thought it was just from boredom, so I am very sad to hear she'd grown sicker and finally succumbed.

Jeanne guided me in my early days with metastatic disease, and then become a mentor. In a way, she helped me solidify my feelings about "pink" and she also gave me hope and inspiration. She lived so long with this disease and yet made the best of it, and it made me feel like I could too. (And, I'm going on 3 years now with mets to the liver). Her descriptions of ice cream on berries and enjoying her garden stay with me to this day. She took pleasure in the simple things and that meant she had a good life.

To her family, my heart goes out to you. I know there were some rough times when this disease hit her brain but her love for her children was evident to all her regular readers.

My best to her family and I hope Jeanne rests in peace now. I will never forget her.


I read Jeanne's blog but wasn't a frequent commmenter. I was outraged to discover pharmecutical stock speculators were avidly following her participation in the TDM1 trial.(And pasting in her treatment updates as casually as one might swap chili recipes.) UGH! I don't have the same subtype of MBC as Jeanne but I like her writing. I included Jeanne in this remembrance of those who died from MBC in 2013: http://animoto.com/play/c5JNDQ5keCOs5pkBTFk5Hw

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